Hole #1

Hole # 1 is a 150 yd par three with two tee locations giving you the option of a 120 yd carry over water or not. Some may want to wait till the second round. Watch for water on the back left side of the green.

Hole #2

#2 is a 360-yard par four with a narrow tee exit and danger to your left at 200 yds.

Hole #3

#3 is a 140 yd par three with ponds on three sides of the green. If you come in straight and cautious you will be okay.

Hole #4

#4 at 160 yds from the back plays over a bridge again at your discretion as tees are placed on both sides of the pond.

Hole #5

A short par 4 at 210 yds. The large 110' undulating green is protected by a pond to the front. Lay up and go for par or take a chance for eagle putt, the ultimate in risk and reward.

Hole #6

#6 at 480 yds this par five may seem like a gimme but some golfers may choose a second lay up shot. You will see what we mean when you play it.

Hole #7

#7 a 320-yard par four complicated slightly by uphill play and one of those nasty fir trees we just couldn’t cut down.

Hole #8

#8 The shortest hole on the course watch for sand, and of course the timber to the back of the green.

Hole #9

# 9 At 380 yards a challenging par four with a narrow timbered finish.